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Lakeshore Willows was established in 2007 by Lene Rasmussen in Wainfleet, Ontario. It was at this location that Lene planted and maintained many thousands of cultured willows in over 30 varieties. Using the annual harvest she was able to sustain her basketry weaving workshops, produce an impressive variety of willow products, as well as inspire countless others to take part in this time-honoured craft she continues to love so dearly. 

After more than fifteen years of commitment and dedication to the willows, Lene announced her retirement. 

In the fall of 2023, Lakeshore Willows  was acquired by Lene's student, friend, and fellow willow grower/basketmaker, Johnny Suderman. Lene's original willow coppice in Wainfleet stays in operation, and continues to support an ever growing weaving community as it has done for many years. Using the willows at the Wainfleet location, as well as another growing location in Waterdown, Ontario, Lakeshore Willows continues to offer cuttings sales for spring delivery, custom basketry, as well as workshops.

The weaving studio that so many people came to know in love in Wainfleet is no longer in operation. The new base of operations is in Glen Morris, Ontario. Classes will be continue to be offered from a nearby community space at Glen Morris United Church, and across Ontario-- in barns at community gatherings, at folk schools, and maybe even in your backyard. 

Basketry Workshops

Our workshops are taught by Johnny Suderman. We teach a variety of workshops to support weavers of all experience levels to develop their craft.  You will create your very own handmade basket to take home and enjoy for a life-time.  

We offer workshops for groups in the Community Room attached to the Glen Morris United Church here in Glen Morris, also at a variety of locations across Ontario; Please contact us to inquire.

Custom Willow Basketry

Contact us regarding any inquiries you have around ordering custom willow products, or repairs to willow basketry. 

Willow for Sale

In the Spring, we sell dormant willow cuttings for propagation, as well as dormant rods/whips for living willow structures. 

The majority of our own homegrown basketry willow is used for production and workshops. We have different growing locations including our location in Wainfleet Ontario, as well as Waterdown, Ontario. Occasionally we have a surplus of our dried willow for sale.  

In the past we have sold white and buff dried willow imported from Spain, however we do not currently have any in stock. If you are interested in preordering imported willow in the future, please reach out via the contact form. 

  • Through Lakeshore Willows, which I established in 2007, I work to contribute to a developing interest across North America in willow and its many uses, participating in reintroducing a time-honoured craft. I have enjoyed learning from some of the finest willow basket makers from Denmark, Ireland and the United States and am continually seeking opportunities for learning new skills. I was born in Denmark and lived there most of my life. Now I am fortunate to be able to draw on that background as I can call a few very talented Danish willow artists my mentors.
    Lene Rasmussen

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