About the Founder Lene Rasmussen

Lene Rasmussen is a highly talented willow basket weaver and world-renowned teacher of willow basketry. 

On inspiration for Lakeshore Willows Lene writes:

"During a visit to my native Denmark in 2005 my attention was drawn to beautiful willow fences and hedges which inspired me to start producing willow.

I work to contribute to a developing interest in willow and its many uses. To be able to offer a product that is grown locally and to participate in re-introducing a very old craft is both exciting and satisfying.

I have enjoyed learning from some of the finest basket makers and am continually seeking opportunities for learning new skills.

As willow basketry has not yet enjoyed the renewed popularity in North America as it has in parts of Europe, I feel fortunate to have been able to connect with willow basket makers in Denmark which has enabled me to establish Lakeshore Willows in Wainfleet, Ontario."

Lene Rassmusen, Lakeshore Willows

Her Teachers

Anne Folehave | Denmark
Anne Mette Hjornholm | Denmark
Steen H Madsen | Denmark
Ane Lyngsgaard | Denmark
Eva Seidenfaden | Denmark
Katherine Lewis | Washington
Jo Campbell-Amsler | Iowa
Alison Fitzgerald | Ireland
Joe Hogan | Ireland
Joan Carrigan | British Columbia

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