SALE on Buff & White Willow

Save 10% – 30% on buff and white willow. Limited quantities available.

Sale Details 

Dried willow is sold by the pound. You can mix and match buff and white in a variety of lengths. Minimum purchase of 10 lbs.

Save 10% | 10-19 lbs.

Save 20% | 20-29 lbs.

Save 30% | 30+ lbs. 

To order, complete the form on this page.

Discounts and shipping will be applied to the invoice, which you will receive by email for approval.

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Order Details

Please enter the quantity of each type of willow colour and length you would like to order. Minimum order is 10 lbs. total.

Dried Willow Options

Our buff and white willow is imported from Spain. This beautiful willow is perfect for any basket or lantern making project.  

Buff Willow is a light golden brown colour. 

White willow is beautiful in its natural form. If desired, it can be dyed with natural or commercial dyes. 

Available Lengths:
2 - 3 ft. ($16 per lb.)
3 - 4 ft. ($16 per lb.)
4 - 5 ft. ($15 per lb.)
5 - 6 ft. ($14 per lb.)
6 - 7 ft. ($14 per lb.)
8 - 9 ft. ($14 per lb.)

Dried Willow from Lakeshore Willows

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