Salix alba 'Chermesina'

Salix alba 'Chermesina' is grown in our willow beds at Lakeshore Willows for colorful branches to use in seasonal winter urns and less for basketry. 


  • First year growth is a beautiful, vibrant orange/red color 
  • Most rods tend to develop side branches and not good for basketry. Side branches can be cut off and used for color effects in baskets

Growth Habit

Grows into a small tree 7m (25') if not pruned


This variety will look beautiful in your garden with its vibrant orange/red branches when it is coppiced annually. Branches are also great for adding color to your winter urns. 

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM LENE: I am not a horticulturist and the information provided for each willow variety is based on my observations growing and using the willows here at Lakeshore Willows. The information about growth habit is quoted from Christopher Newsholme's book: Willows, The Genus Salix.

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