Salix fragilis 'Belgian Red'

Salix fragilis 'Belgian Red' is grown in our willow beds at Lakeshore Willows for basketry.


  • Rods are bright reddish brown
  • This willow grows large and branched rods the first couple of years
  • When coppiced annually it will produce more slender, straight and unbranched rods after the first year or two
  • A little "soft" when soaked, but can be used for basketry and will add some nice colour to a basket
  • Also used for living willow work

Growth Habit

Large tree up to 20 m (60')

Can be coppiced as a shrub


This variety works well for basketry and living willow work

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM Johnny: I am not a horticulturist and the information provided for each willow variety is based on my observations growing and using the willows here at Lakeshore Willows. The information about growth habit is quoted from Christopher Newsholme's book: Willows, The Genus Salix.

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