Salix koriyanagi 'Rubykins'

Salix koriyanagi 'Rubykins' is grown in our willow beds at Lakeshore Willows for living willow structures and basketry.


  • Grows long slender rods with little branching (up to 10') when coppiced annually¬†
  • Branches moves graciously in the breeze
  • Very slender beautiful leaves
  • Early blooming with many small grey/rose coloured catkins
  • The tips of new growth are a beautiful pink/reddish
  • A favourite for living willow work
  • Beautiful in baskets, but not the easiest to use for basketry. The rods can be difficult to soak satisfactory with a thin bark and woody stem
  • Dried rods have a mix of brown, yellow and light green colours

Growth Habit

Large shrub up to 12' tall if not coppiced


This variety works well for living willow projects and somewhat for basketry

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM LENE: I am not a horticulturist and the information provided for each willow variety is based on my observations growing and using the willows here at Lakeshore Willows. The information about growth habit is quoted from Christopher Newsholme's book: Willows, The Genus Salix.

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