Salix x 'Americana'

Salix x 'Americana' is grown in our willow beds at Lakeshore Willows for basketry. 


  • Wonderful basket willow - grows almost without any side branching.
  • Stems turn a rich golden brown color towards the end of the growing season
  • When soaked for weaving it dries up a beautiful dark green with some brown.

Growth Habit

Grows into a large shrub, up to 3 m (10') if not pruned


This variety is ideal for basketry and is also good for living willow work.

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM LENE: I am not a horticulturist and the information provided for each willow variety is based on my observations growing and using the willows here at Lakeshore Willows. The information about growth habit is quoted from Christopher Newsholme's book: Willows, The Genus Salix.

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